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While sitting relaxing in a chair on his front porch, the Lord spoke to Elder Frederick Douglas Washington, (who would in time be elevated to the sacred office of Bishop), and told him to leave New Jersey and go to Brooklyn and there He would bless him. Obediently.he and his wife, known as the "Songbird of the East"- Madame Ernestine Beatrice Washington, did as the Lord directed. This unique team was mightily used by God to begin an "old fashioned" Revival Meeting under an old battered tent with sawdust for its carpet. People of various races & origins came seeking new faith through the dynamic sermons & teachings of Elder Washington.

Thousands were brought to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Many were healed of incurable diseases, social derelicts were reformed, the downcast and foresaken received hope through the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Initially, the church was incorporated under the name "Bethel Temple Church of God In Christ in September of 1951. However in 1954, the congregation decided to rename the church Washington Temple in honor of its founder. 

After losing our founders Madame Washington in 1983 & Bishop F.D. Washington in 1988, prayer remained the key to sustaining the presence & power of God. On July 28, 1988,The Late Bishop J.O. Patterson ,then, the International Presiding Bishop of the Churches Of God In Christ announced Elder Robert Madison who had been with the church since 1961 as the new pastor of Washington Temple. God had honored his dedication and faithfulness. This appointment signaled the continuance of the holy tradition at the Temple.

Over 25 years under the leadership of Supt. Robert L. Madison, the church continues to grow. Many souls are still being saved, delivered, set free and filled with the Holy Ghost. The sick and afflicted are still being healed. Fasting and all night prayer is still in existence. Admittedly omitting many of the specific details, God has enabled the Church to birth its 1st baby, named Washington Temple Church Of God In Christ Of Long Island, Incorporated. Opened October 12, 2009 at 1734 Brentwood Road, New York.

There is no doubt as we look to Jesus, who is the author & finisher of our faith that we are possessing the land for the Glory of God as we go forth taking God at His Word!

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