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Prayer Ministry
Prayer Requests



Ministerial Ministry


Ministers | Aspiring Missionary | Deaconess Missionary | Evangelist | Elders



To proclaim the word of God through teaching, preaching and evangelizing men, women and children unto Salvation.



The Ministerial Staff carries out proclaiming the word of God by Witnessing to the lost, Visiting the Sick, and Ministering to Incarcerated Persons. Additionally the Ministerial Staff assists the Pastor in praying for the congregation and encourages Holy living.





The mission of the Washington Temple COGIC is to carry out the “Great Commission” which is found in the scripture, Matthew 28:19-20 19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:20. Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. It is likewise our endeavor through the Love of God to meet the social, educational, recreational and spiritual needs of our congregants. Additionally we embrace the community by visiting the sick, those in prison, as well as, offering services specifically designed for the enhancement of the community.


This is accomplished by witnessing to men, women and children face to face, providing access to sermons on line, and having worship services that are Spirit led for the edification of all who seek the Lord.

Pastor's Aide


The mission of the Pastor's Aide is to provide quality assistance to our Pastor and First Lady in order to ensure their requests are met in an appropriately-timed fashion. Our goal is to express appreciation through support, honor, and commitment. We are aware that it is a blessings to be blessing to the man and woman of God by helping to carry out their vision.

Mother's Board


The role and responsibility of Mother's Board is to help build the Women's Department through holy living and prayer filled lives. The Mothers' Board teaches women how to support the church, the pastor, and their families. The Mothers' Board helps to make sure that our church is a strong church, spirit-filled, and a well organized House Of God. Effective Mothers' Boards operate under the authority of the pastor, and the officers of the church. The work of the Mother's Board serves to improve the various programs and helps to build the Kingdom Of God by offering teaching, love and compassion to all.

Deaconess Ministry


The Deaconess must be set an example in tithing, and attendance in worship services by faithful member. They must be well grounded in church idea/belief, and carry out their duties with a servant's heart. The Deaconess must be serious in appearance, manner and proper behavior. It is of extreme importance that the Deaconess be especially guarded in conversation with strict loyalty to the truth, "speaking the truth in love" (Eph. 4:15 ).

Deacon Ministry


MISSION:  To help the Pastor as needed as he ministers and guides the people of God. The mission of the Deacons is to provide support the overall mission and work of the church including the administering of the Holy Ordinances.  As a ministry of the body of Christ, we will (with great patience and care) look (for) after the physical keeping of God’s house and well being of the Pastor and congregation.


PURPOSE:  The purpose as a ministry is to make sure that each member fully understands the qualifications and duties of a Deacon as ordered by God. This will help in better serving the people of God and our Pastor.

Hospitality Ministry


MISSION: To welcome members and visitors as they enter worship services with a spirit of love and joy.


PURPOSE: Responsible for welcoming members and visitors as they enter to worship. The Hospitality member is the first person people met as worshippers enter the church.



MISSION: Provide organized activities and programs to enhance spiritual, social and physical development of children, teens and young adults.


PURPOSE:  To accomplish this the Youth Ministry provides God centered services and fellowship to assist youth in their relationship with God, peers, and family.  To embrace our youth  by providing an atmosphere which provides spiritual development and growth, and to enhance their visibility in the worship experience through various activities.


Christian Education Education Dept | Children's Workshop Extension 

Women's Christian Council (Senior and Young) S.W.CC & Y.W.C.C


MISSION: Our goal is to minister to the specific concerns and address the needs of today’s young and senior women in the church. We want to encourage women in their walk to be Christian women, wives, and mothers for the building of the Kingdom.


PURPOSE: To minister the needs of women we encourage togetherness and cooperation among the women of the church. We provide emotional and spiritual support to members with life experience in a variety of areas. We encourage all women to participate in Bible Study, Prayer and other educational programs of the church.

Christian Education Department


MISSION:  To provide opportunities for congregants of all ages to develop a personal relationship with God through the study of His word.


PURPOSE:  Christian Education is Based on Biblical teachings, which is carried out weekly by Sunday School held each Sunday Morning for all age groups, Tuesday Night Bible Study for the general congregation, and Y.P.W.W. which designed for Sunday Evening Bible Study for youth and adults of all ages. Each venue for learning is designed to know the Lord on a deeper level and become more effective in ministry.


The current weekly Sunday School lesson can be viewed at the link: http://www.cogic.org/sundayschool/power-for-living


Motto: A Child Saved Is A Soul Save Plus A Life


Children's Worship Extension


MISSION: The focus of this ministry is for children ages 4 – 12. The function of this ministry is mostly is to teach Godly principles, Church doctrine and Salvation. Likewise children are taught to love and serve God on their level of understanding. In addition C.W.E. prepares children for ministry in a safe and caring environment.


PURPOSE: To complete this purpose, the C.W.E. is broken down into groups which will better serve its overall purpose.  Our format includes praise and worship, bible study, crafts and various activities

Singles Ministry


MISSION: To provide a Christian atmosphere for unmarried people to study and develop friendships based on shared interests with one another while understanding their role in Gods' kingdom.


PURPOSE: To make sure that single people understand that they have a place and a role in the work of the church. To give singles a means to communicate their concerns and share experiences with one another through activities for spiritual, social and intellectual activities.

Prison Ministry


MISSION: The Prison Ministry through love, prayer and Word of God meets the needs of Brothers and Sisters who desire to know the Lord and enables lives to be changed forever.


PURPOSE: To bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to people who are incarcerated. "Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer trouble/difficulty, as being yourselves also in the body." (Hebrews 13:3). Opportunities to present Christ are given in prison ministry through bible studies and worship services.

Home & Foreign Missions | Social Services


MISSION: To meet the immediate needs of persons home and abroad during times of natural disasters and other emergencies.


Purpose: This mission is accomplished by accessing and distributing food, clothing, and finances, etc as needed. Spiritual support is also given as a part of this ministry.