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Bishop Frederick Douglas "F. D." Washington

(January 1, 1914 - January 12, 1988)

was a renowned Pentecostal minister of the Washington Temple Church of God in Christ (COGIC) in Brooklyn, New York.

Madame Ernestine B Washington

Song Bird of The East

July 16, 1914 - July 1, 1983

Wife, Mother, Teacher, Singer & Godly Woman



Born Frederick Douglas Washington on January 1, 1913 in Arkansas. He later served as a pastor for a church in Montclair, New Jersey. With his wife, Madame Ernestine Beatrice Washington, who was called "The Songbird of the East," Washington moved to Brooklyn New York to set up a tent at 966 Fulton street. This ministry was known as "The Sawdust Trail".

From there his ministry grew until he was able to purchase the old Loew's Theatre that stood at 1372 Bedford Avenue. Eventually, Washington Temple COGIC, with about 3,000 members, became one of the largest congregations of any denomination located in Brooklyn, NY. Washington served as assistant Jurisdictional Prelate to the late Bishop O. M. Kelly before finally succeeding him in 1983. He also served on the General Board of the Church Of God In Christ as Second Assistant to Bishop J.O. Patterson, Sr.

In addition to his early work with Sharpton, Washington also served as a mentor and spiritual father to many COGIC pastors. Included among these are Bishop Norman L. Prescott, the prelate of New Jersey's Third Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction and pastor of Washington's former Montclair church; Superintindent Robert L. Madison of Washington Temple; Elder Bernard Alexander, First COGIC of Staten Island, NY, Elder TJ Williams Jr. of First COGIC of Bridgehampton, NY; (the late) Rev. Timothy Wright, world famous gospel singer, Elder Stanley Williams of Grace Temple COGIC in Westbury, NY; Elder Odolph Wright of City Of Faith COGIC (New York and Georgia and Elder Michael Collymore (North Carolina).

After the passing of Bishop Washington in January 1988, He was succeeded as Prelate by Bishop Ithiel Clemmons and as pastor by Elder Robert L. Madison.





Madame Ernestine B Washington Song Bird of The East July 16, 1914 - July 1, 1983 On June 6th, 1934, Elder Washington married Ernestine B Thomas. This dynamic team began a world wide gospel ministry that reached the uttermost parts of the world, with Sis Ernestine Washington's melodious singing and this gospel preaching giant. She was the faithful the devoted wife of our late Founder Bishop Frederick D Washington for forty-nine years.


During her life time she traveled cross the country to churches and auditoriums Through her singing many souls were brought to Christ. She was the recipient of numerous awards and recognition. After coming to Brooklyn in 1951, she traveled less and remained home to work along with her husband to build the Ministry of Bethel temple later named Washington Temple. She was an outstanding mother, teacher, woman of great wisdom,and truth supporter of the gospel vision.she had courage, character, patience, and perseverance. She had a great smile and was always available to sing a song of praise. She left a legacy of a lifetime of meaningful Christian experiences to be cherished for generations to come.


After forty-nine years of joint service in ministry and marriage, the beloved Song Bird of the East, went on to view the Her Lord and Savior on July 1 1983. references: “A Decade of Service”, Women’s Department Journal 1990 thru 1999 a decade of service, Washington Temple COGIC, 1990 “Service of Triumph Right Reverend Frederick Douglass Washington Friday January, 15 1988, Washington Temple COGIC, 1988.

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